5 Reasons Why You Should Turn Your Blog Into An App

If you’re a blogger or even just a reader of blogs, you’ll know full well that there are millions of different blogs, all over the world on pretty much every subject imaginable. Some will be for hobbies such as fishing, golf, cooking or gardening, where as others will be linked to a business or small enterprise.

Blog readerships can range from the odd person stumbling across a random article and having a look, to some of these American bloggers who get over a million hits a year. Some have people who will read their blog every day and others, maybe a small group of followers who have a catch up from time to time.

The first thing you need to do is establish whether your blog has potential as an app and if you are in any doubt, contact us via our contact page, send us a link to your blog and we’ll give you an honest appraisal of whether it would be currently worth your while.

Ok, so let’s assume turning your blog into an app has some merit. Now lets look at 10 reasons why you might want to do it.

1) Reader Experience

If you have good readership, why not let them have a clean, sharp, fast version of your blog, adapted to be 100% responsive, without any pop ups, adverts or widgets. This would be a good reader experience and may actually result in them reading your blog more often.

2) Promotions

Promoting from within your app is simple. If you are releasing a new product, book, have an event or fund raising activity, firing out a special push notification to all readers via the app will create and instant call to action

3) New Readers

Right now, you’ll be relying on google and your social media to get new readers to your blog. With an App on the IOS and Android store, you could attract a whole new bunch of readers

4) Revenue

If you have a band of very loyal followers, giving them an app for say £1.99 a month or £14.95 for the full year, allows you to bring in a little revenue to help fund your blog and in return, you’re giving them a cleaner reading experience

5) Article Updates

I’ve already mentioned push notifications for promotions but you can also use them to tell readers about new articles. Right now, you’ll be thrashing your social media to promote your new articles, where as the app will do it all for you.

Blog Apps won’t be for everybody but they will be for some. If you run a communal blog, where you have a large number of contributors, even better. Hopefully your readers will understand that you are giving them great entertainment for free, so charging them £14.95 for an app for the whole year, you should get a good number of them to support you

Happy Blogging 🙂

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