The Benefits of a Zero Gravity Landing Page or Website

Landing page

Trends in the way in which we all view websites are constantly evolving. Quite a bit of this is due to the fact that many people now promote specific landing pages or splash pages, as some people call them, to promote a specific product, competition, poll or registration page through social media.

This means that the page will be viewed from within the frame work of the social media platform, rather than externally link readers to their external web browser.

OK, so what are the benefits of having a landing page or splash page, rather than directing people to your home page?

Well firstly, if you are promoting a specific “call to action” like “buy”, “subscribe”, “enter competition” etc. It’s far better to do it through a hard hitting landing page, rather than expecting users to click through the sites. Research has shown that most people only click on the promoted page through social media and don’t go on to look at additional pages. With this in mind, it makes sense to take them straight to the action.

Secondly, people have very little patience when looking at a promoted web page via social media. If they don’t see what they expect, within a few seconds, they’ll bail out, hit “done” and move on to the next feed on their social media time line.

OK, so that’s pretty straight forward and nobody is going to argue with that. But, what is a zero gravity landing page and why does that have any benefit over a normal web page?

A zero gravity landing page (a term we created) is a page where a user isn’t actually scrolling down the page. They do swipe the screen down or roll their mouse wheel downwards, but the next section of the page, loads in exactly the same place as the first (See Demo’s below). Now at first you might not see why this would have any benefit but in fact their are a few.

1) The transition to the next section is complete in one swipe. In other words, you control what the reader is viewing at any time. If you have a natural scrolling page, the reader has to watch the old stuff disappear and watch the new stuff come into view….. With a zero gravity landing page, the old stuff vanishes, and the next part of the “story” appears.

2) If you’re trying to create some sort of suspense, the best way to do it is to hide the next step. By using the zero gravity technique, you can build up a progressive landing page, that keeps the reader hooked. By holding back on the next piece of the jigsaw, you’ll get more interest.

3) Zero gravity landing pages are clean, crisp and fluid. They ask questions, they gain interest and then they go for the call to action. The call to action isn’t stuck at the bottom of the page, it’s in the same position as where they started.

4) It looks pretty cool.

If you’re a bar, restaurant, clinic, salon etc. You can create you’re whole single page website as one big zero gravity landing page and if you’ve got something specific to shout about, they are great for holding readers interest.

Take a look at these zero gravity page demos below and if you think something like this might work for you, get in touch.

Zero Gravity Landing Page
Landing page

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