Local Agent Pro App Launch

Last year we were approached by a London estate agent to develop an app for his business. His properties already featured on Right Move and Zoopla but he felt that if he had his own app, with only his properties, his potential customers, would be able to keep tabs on new properties a lot easier.

Having used Right Move in the past, I completely understood where he was coming from. It’s one thing being clustered together with every other agent on the planet but it can be hard work searching on these sites sometimes.

Not only that but by having his own app, the estate agent would be able to achieve a few things that the other online services could not.

Firstly, push notifications. Every time he adds a new property to his portfolio, his customers get a push notification.

Secondly, instant uploads. Some online property portals can take 24-48 hours to actually have the property go live. With an app, our agent wanted them to be live straight away.

Thirdly, our agent also wanted to be able to let people know of any price reductions or changes to a specific property, again, this could be achieved through sending automated notifications, every time a property has a change of details.

The beauty of this app was that we were able to create it to integrate with the software he was already using to upload his properties online. There are a number of different estate agents software companies out there, in this case our client was using DezRez. We simply used the same XML feed he was already creating when uploading his properties and collected those into the app.

The project worked so well and the estate agent is so pleased with it, we have now launched it as an app template called local agent pro. Local agent pro can be tailored to work with any estate agents existing XML feed and can be completely re-branded and configured to the an individual app for that agent.

We’re already working with other estate agents and even a Spanish property company, who sell properties to people in the UK.

You may already have a website, you may even be on an online portal but like our estate agent customers, having your own app makes things just that little bit more personal.

For more details on our local agent pro app, Click Here

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